What is Guard Safe™?

  • Non-lethal defense unit
  • Easy access
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Peace of mind

About the Unit


Designed for ease of use in an emergency situation by Intruder Defense Services, especially for a novice. This launcher is an impressive tool.  It has an operating range up to 150’ and can deliver up to a blistering 15 rounds per second.  It operates via high pressure air and has a capacity of approximately 130 rounds.  With that much firepower you are able to fill a hallway with the hot pepper dust and stop the assailant in his tracks.  The unit is American made of lightweight aluminum and does not produce a recoil when fired.

closedcabinet Built in southern Wisconsin, this cabinet was designed with school security in mind.  It is made of 14 gauge steel and powder coated for long term durability. The cabinet is pry resistant and is opened via a key card.  The lock is programmable and trackable so you know when the cabinet has been opened.  For security purposes, the box is unmarked and hangs quietly on your wall (much like a fire extinguisher) until it is ready for use.  The box meets ADA size requirements.

projectilesThe real star of the show are the projectiles. If you’ve ever gotten jalapeno juice in your eyes you know how that burns.  Imagine something 500 times hotter. This is tough stuff and that’s why it is already in use by law enforcement, border patrol, and the military when they need to control a situation.  The projectiles are frangible plastic balls filled with a micro fine powder that break on impact and create a dust cloud.  The resulting effects are physical shock, immediate pain, welting, coughing, heavy mucous, difficulty breathing; all effects that can disable or deter an intruder without life threatening consequences.


Obviously, an active shooter is a very dangerous situation.  Our training will go a long way in teaching you how to stay out of harm’s way but the chance still exists that you may be fired at.  This vest is a Level III ballistic vest similar to those worn by police officers.  It will handle most handgun rounds, the most widely used weapon in mass shootings.  The vest is brightly colored and clearly marked so you’ll be easily identifiable by responding law enforcement.

About Guard Safe™

Who Needs Guard Safe™?

Guard Safe™ was created especially for schools because schools represent the easiest and most vulnerable target to a mass killer.  But history proves that any place where people gather; work or play provide easy, largely unprotected targets.  Guard Safe™ makes sense, anywhere, as an inexpensive, reliable solution to better protection.  For this reason, theaters, places of worship, workplaces and malls all benefit from Guard Safe™.


Who has access to Guard Safe™?

When tragedy strikes, you need someone that is ready to react quickly to the situation.  Not everyone will volunteer to be “Guardians” and not just anyone can access the Guard Safe™ unit. Guardians have the training to quickly intervene to neutralize an attacker in the safest manner possible. The ideal candidates are administrators, support staff, and others that are not immediately responsible for children.  Only Guardians have access to the Guard Safe™ unit.

What about Guard Safe™ Training?

The Guard Safe™ system is simple.  From the key card swipe lock that eliminates the fumbling of keys or remembering combinations, to the lightweight, no recoil, point and shoot launcher, everything is easy to operate.  Guard Safe™ training is simple and essential.  You’ll cover all the basics; your role as a Guardian, safety and operation of the unit, when and how to activate the system and more.  In addition, you will learn about conceal and cover, tactical movement through a building, and you’ll fire the launcher in a realistic scenario situation.  You’ll be trained by law enforcement professionals in a program developed especially for you.

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